Cost of Surveys

Roy is a certified EMF surveyor with the International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology

Cost of Home Surveys:
Up to a 4 bed room house  £240 plus return train journey from Hove to your nearest station. If my total journey time is over 5 hours then add £50

What does a survey measure?
1. Geopathic stress issues
2. AC household and outside magnetic & electric fields.
3. Anomalies in the earth's natural geomagnetic field at sleeping place
4. Initial Radon Gas assessment
5. Dirty electricity
6. Radio microwave frequencies from internal and external sources (WI-FI, DECT, PHONE MAST)
7. Body voltage at sleeping place as indication of electric static upload.

You will be given advice on how to correct, reduce and normalize any high or abnormal EMF issues found. 
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