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Roy Riggs BSc.
A Geo-biologist [also referred to as a building biologist]  is a researcher, architect, engineer, and doctor, all in one. He or she offers a preventive and healing medicine and a creative and unifying influence. A geobiologist is a worker in the global effort to solve the problems that come from modem ways of building and settlement planning—ways that disregard nature and human culture. To work for a better and more beautiful world in any respect or form is a necessary and satisfying job. The goal of geobiology is to regain order and harmony in our surroundings: to restore the balance between nature, our buildings and ourselves and to help build bridges for the realisation of a world that is ecologically oriented. This goal calls for dynamic, idealistic, and creative people. It calls for people who appreciate deeper meanings and hold higher aspirations in life.

Roy is a qualified EMF surveyor with the International Institute of Building Biology and Ecoloogy.

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